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Random from Melbourne

I got a little homesick, and figured what better way to visit my favourite city than through the photos on deviantART.


full circle

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 5, 2014, 4:51 AM
News of dA's mobile app got me thinking. Not in a foreboding way, but in a mildly interesting historical pattern kinda way.


Way back in the first couple of years of dA's life there was a desktop client called 'deviator' we could use to access dA.

It's pretty tricky to find any reference to it online these days because of the shared use of the word 'deviator' on dA, but some digging around on paid off - here's what the deviator page looked like in dA's old software section.

For the lazy:

deviantART deviator is an application designed to help make viewing art and interaction on deviantART much easier. It is an application that, essentially, interfaces directly with the databases and pulls only the information down rather than the information and the HTML. This not only saves bandwidth but also speeds up the ability to work. deviations, comment on deviations, post in the forums, send notes, browse deviations and display 100px thumbnails, read comments, view news and interact with other deviants on the built-in chat environment.

It was phased out for various reasons - not the least of which is the fact that the website (and the internet itself) improved to the point where a standalone utility would have been redundant.

And here we are, over a decade later, basically coming full circle. But in the future. So... it's like... a spiral or something.



Journal Entry: Tue Aug 12, 2014, 10:24 AM
Others will, and have said things about Robin Williams passing (or, exit?) and what kind of person he was. I don't want to just add to a pile, but I do feel that perhaps I have a personal perspective worth sharing. I've deleted older journals where I talk about some of these things, so forgive any repetition.

For someone like me, Robin Williams was a hero - or at the very least a major inspiration. It wasn't simply the jokes themselves, it was the way he looked at the world. He could be unashamedly crass in his humor, and it would put me in stitches, but also, through his acting, he would show people life throughout the spectrum of the human condition. I've read he was bipolar. That makes sense.


I grew up in home that was all I could ask for, but at the same time, something I wouldn't wish on anyone. It would have been one thing if my dad was just a straight up asshole. But he was bipolar. The same thing could send him into a rage one day, and the very next day trigger a paternal kind of light hearted laugh. It goes without saying that as a kid it was pretty traumatic and confusing. Eventually I grew old enough to figure out methods to deal with it. In some ways I thought it was an advantage - teachers couldn't chew me out and I was emotionally stable under stressful situations.

So I thought. Most of it turned out to be faulty maladjusted practices and thought patterns.  I had tried my entire life not to be like my father, but really I'd just been blind to myself, and in the end I find that I've been exactly like him. All the way down to his method of 'helping' - which always came from a good place, but tended erupt into an ultimately non-constructive rant.

Now I'm 30, and there isn't a moment in my life that hasn't been stained by my illness. Whatever you think of me, whatever idea you have of the kind of person I am, it's not the same as what I know. And that fucking sucks.

Mental illness is still very much a private shame. I can be put in a mindstate where I think things that I wouldn't want to tell anyone in the entire world. And it hurts; I torment myself. It breaks me down and makes me useless to world, or worse, anti-useful.

"But the people around you want to help! Tell us what's wrong!"
- some guy

It just doesn't work like that. Make me tell you what's wrong and it forces me to voice all my fears, delusions, and extrapolated future events. What I need is some calm and quiet within my own mind. And yes, alcohol helps. I don't have access to anything else at this time (I'm heading home for treatment early September, flight is booked.)

At 63, Robin Williams leaves behind quite a body of work. One can only hope to follow his example. But we don't know what his internal struggles were. You think Robin Williams, of all people, lacked people that cared about him? His demons might have been to strong or too many. Only he knows. And even if we can say, oh, but he was depressed; he wouldn't have done it if he wasn't depressed. No fucking shit. But this wasn't a simple sadness.

I'd shake his hand for his contributions, give him a hug with love, and shed a tear as I wish him goodbye.


urgh. now watch me delete this tomorrow.

sign of life, +links

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 2, 2014, 6:57 AM
(like fruit in your yogurt, links are at the bottom)

It's my sister's birthday for another half hour, and later this month it'll be mine.

30 years alive, the last ~12 so far a member of dA, though not all of that time has been spent an active participant.

Looking back at my old journals, this is the moment where I'd get all philosophical and nostalgic. I'm not confident I have anything useful to say right now. Looking back at my old journals, I've said a lot of stupid shit.

What I can say is that since coming back I've reconnected with friends, made new ones, and slowly I'm finding myself again - with some crazy moments thrown in to keep people guessing :roll:

dA might have changed a great deal since I first joined, but so long as the core functionality is there we can find community here. It's hard to understate the importance of that in a person's life.


I've mentioned before I'll be going back home to visit and get my head straight, but there wasn't a solid date. There still isn't, but the goal is to be home for my birthday. I'm still not in a place in life where I to want to celebrate it, woohoo, but it'll be good to see my family.

And one of these days, soon - hold me to it - I'll talk about Nadia, because she needs to come back too. We've both been gone from the world for too long.



tablet is drugs by thespook
tablet is drugs
drawn with a tablet.
tablets are drugs.



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Good to hear! 

Me, not much, i hang out in front of the computer way too much these days (as evidenced by this rather quick reply), but the weather is too shitty here to be doing anything outside. Oh, and Napalm Riot? It got rebranded to RiotCore ages ago, but it never got off its feet. Ultimately, Spot decided to pull the plug a couple months ago. It was eating up his life, and it ended up being too much for him, so it's gone. A Facebook group is all that's left now. I'll send you an invite, if you want. 
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