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Random from Melbourne

I got a little homesick, and figured what better way to visit my favourite city than through the photos on deviantART.




Tell us about your first camera! 

12 deviants said Rotane doesn't get out of it that easily!
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Journal CSS beta testers wanted

Fri Feb 5, 2016, 6:25 AM
After a few afternoons tinkering away at this journal CSS/skin I'm at a point where I'm ready to use it in a proper journal, and perhaps even publish it.

Before I publish it though, I wouldn't mind having some volunteers beta test it. By having others use it I could see if there are any bugs I haven't noticed, or edge-cases I haven't considered. Grab the CSS from here -

I haven't tidied up the CSS source yet, so sorry for the mess =p

Since I last worked on Journal CSS there has been some major upgrades to the allowed CSS. It looks like we have full CSS2 selectors, and many neat CSS3 properties at our disposal. This has meant that I've been able to style things in ways not possible previously, at least not without a whole bunch of extra markup.

For instance, it's now possible to have custom emoticons - you'd type the regular code, like :), but instead of :) it'd be... whatever else you want.

For the most part the skin can be used entirely in rich edit mode. Everything should work as expected but there are a few hidden features I've coded in.

When using a blockquote you can add a citation by changing the text alignment on the last line. It's a bit tricky to use though, what you gotta do is write/paste your quote text, and then hold SHIFT and press ENTER. This will create a new line without leaving the blockquote. Then press the right-align button, and a strange little box thing will appear, just trust it and start typing the citation. It'll look like you can adjust this box, but it wont have any effect on the published journal so don't bother messing with it.

Where are my testicles, Summer? They were removed. Where have they gone?
- Snuffles Snowball the dog, Rick and Morty

To style an image caption below a full-size thumbnail, directly after the image (and I mean directly! No line-breaks!) change the text to italics. Everything written in italics directly after a thumbnail will be styled as a caption, switch out of italics to return to normal text.

collapse by KLPTRXXIThis is a caption for the image above.
This is normal text, after hitting ENTER for a new line, and turning off italics.

The only other feature is a bit of code to put two portrait shaped deviations on the same line:
on the outskirts of memory by PsycheAnamnesisTrue wealth by Medinathabu
...but it currently requires going into HTML mode, and it hasn't been thoroughly tested. As you can see in those two examples the alignment is a bit off if they aren't exactly the same ratio. If you really want to use it though, insert the two portrait shaped deviations in Rich Edit mode, and then switch to HTML mode. Find the embedded deviations (it'll look like <da:deviation id="...">) and wrap them in <abbr> ... </abbr> tags.


ps. you may notice a super-secret fancy-pants stat list at the bottom of this journal. I haven't included it as part of the skin, but I'll be writing a separate journal about it later.


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dp0q4218 by thespook
more from the old AMCOR papermill.

not happy with this one. Wish I had focused up against the machines instead of some boring stupid stairs....
dp0q4265 by thespook
old AMCOR papermill, end (start?) of the long factory line in the main building. Under active demolition work, this scene is no longer there.
69 deviations
I ate a roasted habañero today, grown in my grandma's garden. It was so hot it felt like hot coal in my mouth, my face went numb and the fire spread up my face via my streaming tears. that was eight hours ago. my face is fine now, but for some reason my finger tips burn. 

moral of the story? ΜΕΓΑΛΟΣ ΑΝΤΡΑΣ ΕΙΜΑΙ


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Hi, thanks so much for the watch! You have some really cool urban photos!
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Thanks for the +fav 's and the positive comments…..Much appreciated! 

Nice gallery you got there!
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danke, danke :)
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You may be The Spook...

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WE are the spook, and we are legion

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